A Proven Service Provider

For many years, Rio Tinto has engaged us as a trusted contractor to locate, excavate, remove and replace utilities services in the Pilbara.

Our long history of civil works in the Pilbara means there is no better equipped team to tackle the demands of your project. Our clients choose to engage us first, as we bring a level of consistency and confidence that lets them know their project is in good hands.

Leaders and Innovators

The harsh environment and hard ground of the Pilbara has its challenges, requiring innovation and ingenuity when performing service location and replacement. It was this challenge that has led our company to the forefront of non-destructive service location through the use of hydro-vacuum excavation systems.

We can safely and effectively locate services such as communications, sewer, water, hydrocarbon and electrical.

Civil works services include:

  • Non-destructive service location
  • Water main repairs and installations
  • Asbestos water main removal and replacement
  • Sewer main replacement and installations
  • General earthwork